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Membership Management

Introducing MyClub – Your Ultimate Membership Management Solution

Our comprehensive software empowers clubs to effortlessly streamline their memberships and all related processes. With MyClub’s flexibility, clubs can craft membership plans tailored to suit their unique needs. We handle payments securely, ensuring a hassle-free experience at no extra cost. Your members’ data is safe and sound in our capable hands. Additionally, our software provides in-depth reports on memberships and received payments, and it even offers the flexibility for clubs to design custom report templates to cater to their specific requirements. MyClub – where membership management meets convenience and customisation.


A wider view of your club management

By having a more holistic view of club management, you can make more informed decisions, build stronger relationships with members, and create a more inclusive and effective organisation.

Membership Management

MyClub streamlines club membership management, providing a seamless and personalised experience for all members. Information, resources, and activities for community members are consolidated and updated in real time., empowering your club to take prompt action. Our platform offers clubs a versatile toolkit for crafting custom membership plans, handling payments securely, and managing data comprehensively."

Sports Event Management

Elevate your sports events with MyClub's dynamic event management. MyClub's user-friendly event management guarantees smooth organisation, benefiting both organisers and attendees alike, while promoting sustainability.

Liquidity Optimisation

MyClub's advanced cash management features streamline financial transactions and enhance financial reporting for clubs. Strategically placed ads on club pages not only boost revenue but also build sustainable income streams, ensuring long-term financial success.

MyClub360° - Your all in one club
optimisation platform

Analysis Report

Analytics and Reporting

MyClub offers robust analytics and reporting tools that help clubs understand their members better. With this feature, clubs can access and analyse data on member behaviour, preferences, and engagement patterns. It allows clubs to monitor performance, segment members, analyse engagement patterns, and visualise data in various formats to support data-driven decision-making.

Using MyClub analytics and reporting features, clubs can discover growth opportunities, evaluate marketing campaigns, and enhance overall member satisfaction. 


Organise a seamless event experience with MyClub event management

Ticket creation and attendee management:

MyClub/sports event management provides tools for ticket creation and attendee management, allowing you to easily control ticket quantities, sales duration, and event pricing.

Instant publishing of events:

With MyClub/sports event management, you can publish your events instantly on your personalised MyClub landing page for your members and supporters to access with a single click.

Ease of use:

MyClub/sports event management simplifies event management for your club by providing an accessible platform for all users, from event organisers to attendees.

Club Website

Enhance your club’s digital presence with a custom landing page

With MyClub, you get a custom landing page for your club, providing members and supporters easy access to features that enhance their connection with your club. From upcoming events and game tickets to membership plans and location details, everything is available on the landing page’s user-friendly interface. MyClub’s platform is perfect for your club’s digital presence, enabling effective communication and simple navigation.