Your All-In-One Club Management Platform

myClub offers you a magnetic destination to nurture your club members while growing your club. It is the perfect platform to remotely manage club members. Each member club is provided with a unique portal, enabling you to easily create and manage membership plans for your members.

Your fans can purchase membership plans and become an integral part of the club. Each member or fan gets a dedicated user profile to take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities.

Our mission is to provide the finest club experience to your fans where members can experience a sense of belonging by being in the midst of other fans with similar interests.

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Secure Payment Gateways & Reporting Capabilities

myClub facilitates clubs and societies to process memberships and manage data in a very secure manner. Utilise myClub’s highly secure payment gateway to accept payments for your club.

The platform also provides advanced reporting and data importing capabilities which gives the management complete oversight of membership, volunteering status and comprehensive financial data. This data helps the management oversee the club’s performance and activities, providing fans with the best possible experience online.

The myConnect Advantage - Help Club Members Upskill

myClub provides members access to myConnect, an exclusive platform offering industry-based courses to upskill. There are more than hundreds of courses and thousands of jobs listed in myConnect that your members can take advantage of, helping your members gain the right knowledge for a head-start towards fulfilling their career goals.

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