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Elevate every aspect of your club with MyClub360, the ultimate software solution for optimising clubs. Explore a plethora of features tailored to enhance your club management. Our comprehensive membership management platform empowers you to effortlessly oversee all facets of membership. Seamlessly organise and manage club events, while leveraging a robust CRM system.

Experience enhanced productivity through MyCommunity, an integrated feature designed to amplify club engagement. This all-inclusive hub offers members access to news, educational courses, skill-building opportunities, and local job recommendations. With secure communication tools built in, you can seamlessly transition from WhatsApp to a more protected channel. Plus, our Ad space feature not only adds value but also generates shared revenue for your club.

How it Works ?

Optimise Your Efficiency, Productivity and Revenue Generation

Enhance Admin Efficiency

Our software streamlines club management by consolidating essential tasks, including membership plans, event organisation, payment processing, and member information management into one user-friendly platform. This integration simplifies administrative duties, boosting efficiency and overall club management.

Increase Productivity

MyCommunity serves as a central hub for your club, enhancing productivity by offering skill-building courses, job recommendations, and streamlining internal communication through GDPR-compliant tools.

Generate Additional Revenue

MyClub360 comes at absolutely no cost, as we don't impose charges for our features or apply fees to the payments clubs take in. This unique approach sets us apart from any potential competitors. Moreover, MyClub360 has the potential to generate extra revenue for clubs by sharing a portion of our advertising earnings with them.

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