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Why MyClub For Business?

Your audience, right when you need it

Pre-segmented audiences at the touch of a button. Reduce segmenting costs and discover highly targeted audiences locally and globally to suit your business needs.

An immersive content-led experience

Easily create video and image assets using our many creative AI templates or simply import existing ones and engage customers right at the heart of the club.

Easy campaign & reporting set up

Discover the value of ads or sponsorship investments through a live data report using real-time analytics to better inform business decisions.


Grow your business and get started with MyClub ads

Pre-segmented audiences right at your fingertips. Grow sales, build awareness or simply connect to the community. 

Ad Manager

A centralised hub for managing all your advertisements. Here, you can create new ad campaigns, edit existing ones, and publish them.

Customisable Ads

You can create your own image or video-based ads using various AI templates and designs.


The Reports tab provides in-depth information about each individual ad campaign.

Flexible Spending

Manage your Ad spend with our flexible spending options no matter what your goals and objectives are.

Get started with MyClub for Business

We’re here to help you get started. Request a demo with our Ad management team today.

Reporting & Analytics

Real-time data when you need it

Gone are the days of investing in a club with no data to show for it. Our analytics dashboard provides real-time data tracking that empowers you to make informed decisions on the fly. 

At the heart of the dashboard is a customisable interface, allowing you to tailor your data views to your specific needs. Whether you are monitoring website traffic, sales performance, or brand awareness, our live data tracking keeps you in the know, 24/7.

In an era where data is a priority, our analytics dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat, transforming empty sponsorships into actionable intelligence in real time, enabling smarter decisions and driving your business towards success.