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Join interactive discussions with fellow enthusiasts, where every like, comment, and share fuels the passion for our beloved teams. Whether you’re a seasoned supporter or new to the game, there’s a place for you here to share your voice, insights, and unwavering support for Kilkenny GAA.

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Welcome to Kilkenny Cats Social, the ultimate hub for all things Kilkenny GAA. Dive into a world where passionate fans unite, players shine, and community spirit thrives

Live Newsfeed - Exclusive features for Kilkenny GAA fans

Keeping you up to date with all the latest Kilkenny GAA news, match updates and events. Alongside exclusive behind the scenes interviews, reports and competitions. Our dedicated newsfeed brings all the Kilkenny GAA news together in one place

Community and Chat - Embrace your love for Kilkenny GAA

Celebrate the wins, analyse the losses and always be part of the action. My Community allows users to create and join communities to discuss all things Kilkenny GAA. Alongside the community forums, our innovative chat function provides teams, parents, coaches and more to communicate safely about all things GAA. 

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Integrated directly into the Kilkenny Cats Social platform, our free educational courses provide users with the ability to enhance their CV, learn industry specific skills and grow in their health and fitness careers. While you learn, browse and apply for local job opportunities in Kilkenny via our jobs board.

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