Redefine coaching tactics with TactixXR

Session/Set-play Builder

Revolutionise Training with Tactical Precision

Our Set-play Builder provides an intuitive platform for coaches to design and fine-tune training sessions, allowing them to establish clear objectives and assign player responsibilities with precision. This feature streamlines the development of tactical strategies, enabling coaches to break down complex plays into manageable parts. Coaches can also create, modify, and store plays online, building a comprehensive library for future strategies. The ability to send customised plays directly to players’ smartphones enhances learning and practice methods, ensuring that the team is consistently well-prepared.

This means coaches can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what really matters – developing their players and improving team performance. With TactixXR, efficient coaching has never been easier.



Transform your team’s performance with TactixXR

TactixXR is a computer program designed for coaches and players to increase mental preparedness and facilitate more efficient coaching methods across multiple sports. With TactixXR, coaches can choreograph training sessions, break down individual and group tactics into parts, define responsibilities and set objectives for all players.

Set-play Builder

TactixXR’s Set-play Builder allows coaches to create unique set plays online and then send them to each player’s smartphone. Players can view the movements from any angle or from any other player’s perspective.

Virtual Reality

TactixXR uses virtual reality to help players familiarise themselves with set plays or phase plays and gives them a realistic sense of how they would play out. Players can view all plays from different angles or slow down the time with our slow-mo function.

Remote Communication

TactixXR helps to remotely communicate team strategy and tactics to players. Coaches can even send specific set plays to specific players, with their notes included; all of which can be stored in the cloud.

Improve your teams' performance

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VR Technology

Unleash Immersive Learning with VR Technology

Experience the power of Virtual Reality (VR) with TactixXR, enhancing player interaction with plays and tactics. VR provides an immersive learning environment, allowing players to gain a realistic understanding of strategies. Players can view plays from various angles and even step into specific roles using VR headsets, improving spatial awareness and performance understanding.

Direct Communication

Personalised Coaching in Your Pocket

TactixXR fosters direct and interactive communication between coaches and players, setting a new standard in sports coaching tools. Coaches can instantly share ideas, game plans, and tactics, providing valuable insights to players through voiceover videos. This feature allows coaches to talk players through the learning process, enhancing understanding and engagement.

Additionally, coaches can monitor player profiles and performance, offering personalised feedback for skill development. With ultra-realistic graphics and immersive experiences, TactixXR creates a dynamic learning environment where coaches and players collaborate seamlessly to maximise their potential.