Membership Management

myClub allows for efficient and effective Membership Management. myClub allows you to manage all aspects of your club membership.

The Features include:

  • To create your clubs bespoke membership plans to allow for easy membership management for your Players, Parents, Coaches, Committee and all those involved in your club.
  • myClub allows for secure payments and reporting with Stripe integration to help your clubs financial management.
  • Club members can sign up in minutes and avail of all your club's benefits once you become a member on myClub.
  • myClub makes it easy for your members to pay for multiple memberships each year and continually support your club as you grow and develop.


Give your club the MyConnect advantage. The MyConnect advantage gives your members access to industry-based courses, helps them upskill and makes their CV standout.

Get the myConnect advantage now and access:

  • An extensive Online Learning platform which is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Myconnect will allow your members to avail training courses related to the industry and give them access to certification instantly once the course has been completed

Event Management

myClub gives your club the opportunity to create and organise your Club’s Events. The myClub platform makes event management easy and accessible to all users from organisers to attendees.

The Features include:

  • myClub allows for ticket creation and Attendee Management.
  • Easily manage the ticketing quantity, sales duration and event pricing.
  • Instantly create and publish your events to your individualised myClub website for your members and supporters, to access at the click of a button.


The myClub Platform saves time & hassle in preparing your club’s reports. myClub offers an extensive reporting system that allows you to review and visualise your club’s growth.

See your club’s year-on-year growth using the following features:

  • Easily export your clubs reports to view memberships, number of members, revenue generated and tickets sold.
  • myClub allows you to visualise your reports using a user friendly interface that allows you to create graphical reports
  • Create your own report templates to suit the needs of your club be it a committee meeting or squad meeting. The reporting tool is extensively customisable to meet your needs.

Club Website

When registering with myClub you will receive your own bespoke myClub website. This will be the one-stop-shop for your club members to be kept updated with what is happening in your club.

On your club website members and supporters will be able to:

  • View the events you have created and published
  • Buy tickets to your upcoming games and events
  • View your clubs location and contact details
  • Purchase Membership Plans